Sini Kangas has organised 16 moves at Citec. Photo: Sami Tuoriniemi.

New Citec offices in Mumbai, Espoo and Stockholm

Of late, Citec has moved to three new business premises in quick succession – our offices now have new addresses in Mumbai, Espoo and Stockholm. But what needs to be considered when moving an entire office?

When Citec is choosing office locations, one feature rises above all others – location. If possible, offices are strategically located close to both customers and other companies in the same industry. Executive Assistant and Office Manager Sini Kangas has organised 16 moves at Citec and knows from experience that a good location increases both business and job satisfaction.
“When you are where everyone else is, you can create functional synergies and smooth cooperation. That is why in Finland, for example, we have moved within the capital area to be closer to our key customer Outotec – now our offices are in the same building,” Kangas explains.
“In addition, we always take transport connections and nearby services into account. For example, parking space near the office is very important for our employees,” she continues.

Citec’s 17 offices around the world are designed to be comfortable and suitable for today’s working practices.

In addition to location, Citec invests in the comfort of its premises. All new offices are modern, light, more compact compared to previous premises and also strive towards providing a similar brand experience.
“Citecians very rarely sit at the office from nine to five, because we are often visiting customers, checking plants or other projects on site, travelling or working remotely. Since not everyone is present at the office every day, we have changed to open-plan offices and reduced the size of our workstations. In return, we have invested in the comforts that bring joy to workdays. For example, the new Espoo office has a lovely roof terrace,” Kangas says enthusiastically.

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Sami Kivioja, Citec Espoo
Senior Design Engineer, Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation, Europe

Our office is great in its entirety. The location is close to one of our key customers, Outotec, which is an advantage for us: we can arrange meetings in just a few minutes and some of us even work at Outotec’s premises. Within walking distance, there is a big shopping mall, which offers excellent public transport connections and a large variety of options for lunch. Facts worth mentioning are also our spacious changing rooms, a locked bicycle park inside the building, not forgetting the roof terrace.

Housewarming at Citec Espoo. Photo: Pasi Salminen.

Daniel Hamberg, Citec Stockholm
Senior Design Engineer, Engineering Consultancy Europe

One of the best things about our new office are the big windows that let in so much sunlight. Even though the premises are slightly smaller than our previous office in downtown Stockholm, they feel very spacious.

Kenneth Lovidius, Citec Stockholm
Director, Engineering Consultancy Europe

The new office is modern and cost-effective. It is better aligned with our company, reflecting our skilled engineers, close customer relationships and business-minded attitude.

Citec’s newly opened office at Juinagar in Navi Mumbai. Photo: Amarjeet Chahal.

Rizwan Shaikh, Citec Mumbai
Head, Piping EDC

Our new office at Juinagar in Navi Mumbai has a Nordic interior and an open office landscape, where the team members from different disciplines can quickly walk to each other’s workstations and discuss their ongoing projects. This makes communication more efficient and also spreads our internal know-how, developing multidisciplinary “general engineers”, which are a great benefit to the whole company. In Mumbai, we have 475 employees sitting on a single floor. Having such a workforce in one place also makes a great impression on customers visiting our premises.

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