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An IPMA-granted certificate serves as concrete proof of the competence of project managers and provides competitive advantages to the company, both in the bidding phase and in project execution. Getting certified takes a great deal of time and effort for the individual project manager - but it is worth it, assure three Citecians who just found out they passed all tests. They raise the number of Citec’s certified IPMA C level project managers to 39. Read More

Modularity brings clarity

Installation instructions, operation and maintenance manuals, spare part lists, training materials – the list goes on and on. This is the prized information that your customers crave in order to get the very best out of your products. The more complex your product family is, the more important it is to find a solution that can easily handle all the information required. To help you through this jungle, Citec has made professional technical modular documentation easier to manage than ever before. Read More

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More experts to Citec’s Technical Documentation team

Citec and Wärtsilä’s Energy Solutions are long-term technical documentation partners. For many years, Citec has been handling Wärtsilä’s high demand for modularly written technical documentation, resulting in substantial cost savings for the company. Read more