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On LinkedIn, everyone can spread the word about their company and reach potential customers and employees. Citec has more than 7,000 LinkedIn followers, thanks to active Citecians. Here are two Citec LinkedIn users, whose example is worth following.

Margarita Bamm

Current job position: Project manager
Location: Vaasa, Finland

My career at Citec commenced in March 2013. Currently I work as an Engineering manager of various multi-discipline projects executed worldwide, most of which are Wärtsilä Power Plants. In providing this engineering service, I am responsible for delivering timely and profitable project management. I enjoy the positive atmosphere at my workplace, I have made good friends, and the flexible culture of Citec provides a rich reward for employees with a happy balance between work and personal life.



I enjoy the positive atmosphere at my workplace.


Margarita is a highly-driven and highly-respected project manager. She has a proven track record of delivering results on complicated projects over tight deadlines and with an impeccable work ethic – she is a true multitasker and problem-solver. Her enthusiasm and optimistic attitude are contagious and serve to motivate the people she works with. She is a natural leader with exceptional communication and team-building skills.

– Robert Chimaev, Electrical Chief Design Engineer



Noureddine Ghali

Current Job Position: Manager, Project Management GA
Location: Paris, France

I have been working as a Project Manager for Citec since January 2008. Before that, I have worked with machine design and development, in general industry and the automotive industry. During these years I have mostly been working on Wärtsilä francophone projects with the support of our global resources, but also on a domestic project with our French customers. In addition to that, I have also been developing Citec’s business in France, jointly with Citec Group’s management.

Even though Citec is a significant company, it has the spirit of a small one: a family-like atmosphere and a good team spirit. Citec is a multi-culture organisation that connects people through their competences and uses the difference as a weapon to work all together as one.

Citec has a family-like atmosphere and a good team spirit.

Noureddine is an adaptable team player, who has excellent communication skills. His technical know-how in the civil, process and electrical area guarantees that he knows what his clients are talking about and thus he can always propose to them the best possible solution. Noureddine’s motto is: There are no problems, only different solutions.
– Nichlas Råtts, Vice President, Global account

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