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You might be familiar with BIM, building information modelling, which allows information to be shared through 3D models in civil projects. Well, what BIM offers the construction industry, Citec now offers in power generation.

For many years already, Citec has created 3D models of its customers’ power plants. These models serve their purpose in the design and engineering stage of power plants but are often underused once the plants are finished. With the new Citec3D Encore software and service, 3D models live on during the whole life cycle of a plant by combining these models with documentation and real-time data. In Citec3D Encore, Citec’s customers can now look at a fully updated model of their power plant and find information about any feature in it, simply by clicking an object. The programme pulls all data connected to that object, whether it is product information, an operations and maintenance manual, a list of spare parts or information about the latest repairs. All this information can visually be accessed, wherever and whenever.

“Our customers can study the 3D models of their plants on any computer with a Chrome browser. Citec3D Encore does not require any expensive licenses or software. You can zoom in on any detail in your model and turn the model around. You can also visit your power plant with virtual reality glasses. In VR you can walk up to whatever feature of the plant you want and access more information about it right there. No need for extensive hierarchies of information, it’s all visually up for grabs,” says Jonas Nylund, Director, Sales and Offering Development at Citec.

In VR you can walk up to whatever feature of the plant you want and access more information about it right there.

Citec3D Encore has been on the market for a year now. One of the first customers to try it is a leading European plant engineering company, that has teamed up with Citec for a six-month pilot project. During the pilot, information-enforced 3D models will be generated for up to 80 projects. When Citec’s customer feeds in new information about a plant in Citec3D Encore, the programme automatically updates its corresponding 3D model.

The new Citec 3D Encore software and service combine 3D models with documentation and real-time data.

During and after the six-month period, Citec3D Encore is evaluated and developed. Nylund sees great potential for the programme: “There is endless potential for information-loaded 3D models. We can, for instance, use Citec3D Encore for maintenance, spare part services and training. If we connect the models with different instruments and sensors in a plant, we can create a digital twin of the power plant, which offers us the possibility to know exactly when something needs to be repaired or updated. The future is bright for this one.”

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Tuomas Jokioinen
BIM coordinator



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