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The ethylene cracker plant at the site Tobolsk is a large and demanding cooperation project between Linde and Citec. Since the beginning in 2014, it has challenged Citec employees to fully utilize their skills and expertise.

Citec's key activities for parts of the ethylene cracker plant project at the Tobolsk site:

Civil, Structural & Architectural detailed design

• Concrete 44 000 m3

• Structural steel 30 400 ton

• Piles 17 400 pc

• Architectural detailed design, Building Volume 134 000 m3

Concept design alignment, Basic and Detail HVAC engineering design

• Compressor buildings & Waste water treatment unit. HVAC equipment specifications, full 3D modelling, piping, plumbing, electrical & control engineering.

Building safety and fire safety & protection

• Compressor buildings & Waste water treatment unit

Field Engineers located at site

“The ethylene cracker plant is a highly significant project for Linde and it has demanded a great deal of effort from all the parties involved. We are pleased with Citec’s contribution and we might very well cooperate with them again in the future”, says Nilesh Kulkarni, General Manager, Project Excecution at Linde Engineering India.

The feeling is mutual, since Citec also appreciates the way that Linde has operated. “Linde is a large operator whose projects are an excellent fit for us. We have both shared the same target. Cooperation during the project execution has been close and successful”, says Kaj Björkqvist.

It was extremely important for Linde to find exactly the right kind of partner for the project. Linde needed a company with not only technical knowledge, but also the ability to deliver work on a large scale. A strong knowledge of Russia was an absolute precondition for initiating the cooperation.

“One of the decisive factors from the outset was Citec’s know-how regarding construction-related Russian standards and norms”

“One of the decisive factors from the outset was Citec’s know-how regarding construction-related Russian standards and norms, and it became increasingly important as the project went on”, says Kulkarni.

In accordance with its normal practices, Linde performed a thorough evaluation of all areas of Citec’s operations prior to entering into a cooperation agreement. The quality and reliability factors rated highly in the audit. In addition, the prior experience in working with Linde on other projects, confirmed Linde’s impression of Citec’s ability to play a significant role in the ethylene cracker plant project.

Feedback from Linde indicates that Citec deserves recognition for its flexibility and ability to stick to deadlines. Linde also values Citec’s technical skills and its ability to find creative solutions.

“Citec’s commitment to keeping to a timetable is admirable, as is its ability to be flexible in tight situations”, Kulkarni says.

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