Lakshmikantham Venugopal enjoys being responsible for power system studies

Keeping the team satisfied

Lakshmikantham Venugopal works as Design Manager in Mumbai.

Describe your position!

As a Design Manager in the Electrical department, I’m responsible for activities like project resourcing, software planning and reviewing. I also participate in electrical estimations for customer inquiries ensuring competitive proposals. As a team leader, I make sure that our deliverables meet all stated requirements and ensure on-time deliveries. Working on power system studies is also one of my primary responsibilities.

When did you start at Citec?

I joined Citec in 2011 as an Expert in power system studies. Later, I got the opportunity to work as Lead engineer for a challenging EPCM project including switchyard design. Switchyard design was a new area for Citec at the time and it was exciting enough to develop this competence at Citec. After successful completion of that project, I was promoted to Design Manager.

What is most challenging in your work?

As a Design Manager and a team leader, at times, it is challenging to deal with various opinions in the team, to convince and satisfy each team member and to come to a common understanding of a particular situation. It takes time and skill to build and maintain a healthy team. There’s a lot of learning at every stage which makes it both exciting and challenging – and rewarding when you feel you have found the best solution!

What do you like the most about your job?

I am quite a social person so my roles that allow me to interact with people suit me very well. I enjoy being responsible for power system studies which is a significant area of the power plant. Every power plant needs safe, reliable and uninterrupted power supply for successful operation and I feel proud to be part of this.

And how do you spend a day off?

I am a family person and I like spending time with my family, playing with my kids and helping them in their studies. I also enjoy watching movies, and often I find myself beautifying and tidying my house.

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