How can we improve?

How to find out if the customer is satisfied when the project is over? Citec developed an effective tool to gain a better picture of customer satisfaction.

Project Feedback questions

Customers are asked to rate Citec’s performance in these key aspects:

• The result and quality was as required and expected

• Citec’s team was flexible and cooperative

• Communication was effective and on time

• Would you recommend Citec?

As the number of Citec’s customers and projects has steadily increased globally, it has become evident that a more systematic approach is needed to address customer satisfaction.

“We decided that a specific new tool was needed for receiving and analysing customer feedback. Without a systematic approach, it is difficult to measure the direction where overall customer satisfaction is heading”, says Michael Smirnoff, Director of Marketing and Communications.

The Project Feedback Tool is basically a questionnaire sent out after every project carried out by Citec. Although project managers at Citec answer a more comprehensive set of questions, customers only need to answer four simple but key questions on a scale from 1-5 (see fact box).

“We discussed what we wanted to include at great length, but in the end, we decided to go with these classic and simple questions. It’s important to keep the feedback form short – the more complicated it is, the greater the risk that customers have no time to answer it”, says Smirnoff.

The digital tool, developed together with research company Innolink, is easy to update in real time whenever new requirements are needed. Taken into use in autumn 2016, the new tool has already begun to meet the expectations. The response rate among customers is on the rise and a lot of valuable feedback has been gained.

“I think customers are willing to answer the form because it only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Moreover, they know that they can receive better service from us if they help us improve”, says Smirnoff.

Citec’s aim is to achieve an average score of 4. After a few months of using the tool the score stands at 3.7; in other words not that far from the goal.

“Satisfied customers always return.”

The tool also enables comparisons between different Citec countries, business areas and periods of time.

In addition to the scores, customers are also given an opportunity to write open comments through the feedback tool. This feedback is very valuable to Citec, as words often say more than numbers.

“We want to encourage customers to clarify what we are good at and where we can improve. We go through every comment and if needed, take corrective actions based on the feedback.”

Antti Hahtala, Head of Project Management, is responsible for implementing the actions. He works closely with Shanuddin Saudagar, Global Quality Manager, to ensure that the lessons are shared effectively throughout the organisation.

Thanks to the Project Feedback Tool, Citec now has a better picture of customer opinion and can alter the way of working accordingly.

However, the Project Feedback Tool is not only used for correcting mistakes. Positive customer feedback is highlighted and celebrated internally creating pride among the staff.

“Satisfied customers always return. The best feedback we can get is when a customer orders a new project.”, Smirnoff adds.

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