Broadening the scope in France

François Combemorel took up the position as Managing Director at Citec France at the beginning of this year. He believes Citec has a lot of untapped potential in France.

François Combemorel

Position at Citec: Managing Director of Citec France

Before Citec: Operations Director Alstom Grid/General Electric, Commercial Director at Acciona Energy

Family: Partner and two children aged 6 and 11.

Citec acquired Akilea Engineering in 2013, which resulted in quick growth of the company’s personnel and the volume of its activities in France. The consolidation between Citec and Akilea has proven worthwhile, as it has allowed Citec to provide its clients with resourcing services and larger capacity during the implementation of projects. Citec has established its position in the French market in recent years, but the company believes there is still plenty of growth potential. The new Managing Director, François Combemorel, also believes in growth.

“I join Citec France in a situation where it is undergoing strong development. We can now offer our clients larger capacity, since the services of Citec and Akilea support one another. Our goal is to increase the number of projects where the advantages of the synergy can be maximised”, says Combemorel.

He thinks Citec has very interesting opportunities in France. “A substantial share of the oil and gas and power generation main players are based in France. It’s up to us to convince them that we have the best expertise for these kinds of projects.”

“We can now offer our clients larger capacity, since the services of Citec and Akilea support one another.”

It was the future prospects of a developing company and the possibility to realise his visions that motivated Combemorel to take up a new challenge at Citec.

“First, we have to strengthen our team so that we can expand our client base. It means growing our organisation in addition to developing new ways of working. Akilea has merged with Citec in a natural way, but in some cases the effect of two company cultures still shows. Efficiency can still be increased once all of our ways of working are unified.”

He sees improving Citec’s recognition in France as another key action, since Citec is still quite unknown outside of its client base.

An enthusiastic attitude towards work and development of the company’s activities is emphasised multiple times as Combemorel discusses his new job. In addition to his passion for work, he declares himself a passionate film lover, which includes the viewing experience too.

“I have built my own cinema into my home. My whole family are happy to enjoy it and we often spend time together watching films.”

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