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Whenever Citec establishes its presence at a new location, the company has one rule of thumb: follow the customer. The latest addition to the list of locations is Munich.

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The first Citec subsidiary outside Finland was established in 2002 in Växjö, Sweden. Since then a lot has happened – following a clear vision of local presence in combination with global resources, the company has grown into an international player with offices in 11 countries. The very first office abroad was established as a result of a company acquisition, and the same strategy has since then been used many times. In the last few years, however, Citec’s focus has shifted more towards organic growth and to an even more explicit goal of following the customer. As a result of this strategy, the latest new office was established in Munich, Germany in the spring of 2016.

“If we see a key customer or a potential key customer developing very strongly, we always consider the possibility of establishing an office at a new geographical location, to be able to better serve the customer in question”, says CEO Martin Strand. The decisions are always based on longterm business opportunities, especially if Citec sees combined opportunities for several customer segments. The idea is to have staff near the customer, who can serve the customer locally by utilising the global resources of the whole Citec organisation.

As Citec is a growth company, there is always an ongoing discussion on possible new locations.

At the moment, however, the focus is more on growing on the existing locations. What comes after Munich is therefore not yet finally decided. “We are today present in 11 countries, which is quite much for a company of our size. Now we focus on developing our customer relations and on giving high quality service”, says Strand.

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