Anatoly Kalinin is responsible for sales towards the CIS market

Making Citec heard in Russia

Anatoly Kalinin works as a Business Development Manager in Moscow, Russia.

How did you and Citec find each other?

I joined Citec in 2012 after being headhunted when Citec was looking for someone to head the new Energy and Civil industry area. For me, it was very interesting to start developing this area as I have a background in pure power and energy. Before I joined Citec, I worked for several EPC contractors within the power industry in Russia.

What do you do at Citec?

I am responsible for sales towards the CIS market and the business development needed there, such as finding the right competences, negotiating with subcontractors, license issues etc. The CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries are the former USSR, excluding the Baltic states. This means I travel quite a lot for customer meetings; something that I feel is essential. If you do not meet the customer in person, it is hard to win home business opportunities.

What are the best parts with your work?

What I enjoy most are the customer meetings including technical and commercial negotiations. It is very exciting and fulfilling when after long discussions you can prove that Citec can provide the best solution in comparison with other competitors. On a more general term, I really like it here at Citec because of the friendly environment, professional management and the international team of professionals.

What kind of market development do you see for Citec in Russia?

The current slowdown of the economy has served us with a good opportunity for organic growth by more heavily focusing on improving and adding new services to our portfolio. At the moment, we are planning to extend our service offering with piping and process design.

What do you do in your free time?

I spend several hours a day travelling to and from work, so I do not have much free time. But whenever I find time, I like to go to the gym – I like the physical exercise as it helps me wind down after a long day at work. I also enjoy spending time with friends, we often meet up for barbeques. Every now and then, we also go training at a shooting range.

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