NEW FIELD. The Tornio LNG terminal project has been a great and motivating learning process for Citec’s organisation.

LNG is the fuel of the future

New LNG terminal will bring versatility to Finnish gas and fuel markets.

A new terminal for LNG (liquefied natural gas) is currently being built in Tornio, Northern Finland. Although stricter environmental requirements in the Baltic Sea are one of the drivers behind the project, the terminal will also bring versatility to the gas and fuel markets. Currently, there is virtually no existing infrastructure for LNG in Finland. The terminal is delivered by Wärtsilä as an EPC contract for end customer Manga LNG – a company that has been established by four industrial players for the sole purpose of building the terminal. Citec has been contracted by Wärtsilä to perform the major part of the detailed engineering of the process plant. “This project has been a great and motivating learning process for our organisation. We have had a chance to develop both our skills and our tools regarding LNG”, explains Mikko Hakola, Project Manager at Citec.

Tornio Manga LNG terminal
The new terminal in Tornio is scheduled to be fully functional in the summer of 2018

LNG is currently on the rise, not only in Finland, but in many other countries as well.

As LNG is 600 times denser than natural gas, it is possible to transport by sea, thus eliminating the need for gas pipelines.

LNG is very cold, –162 degrees Celsius, which places great demands on the materials used in the terminal, and which in turn also places great demands on the engineering.

“There simply cannot be any errors, since gas leakage may cause serious safety hazards”, explains Hakola. To ensure the safety of the terminal, Wärtsilä and Citec have conducted a series of repetitive risk assessments and safety analyses. The LNG tank – being built in conjunction with the terminal – will be 50 metres high with a net volume of 50 000 m3. The majority of the LNG transported to the terminal will be used by two steel factories, one of which is situated nearby, while the other will receive the LNG by road transport from the terminal.

Senior project manager Allan Lassila from Wärtsilä has been in charge of the EPC contract. He is very satisfied with Citec’s engagement in the project. “It is of utmost importance for us to have a partner that can quickly and flexibly provide the engineering resources we need. It was also valuable that we could get utilise the expertise of Citec Norway, since they have previous experience from LNG projects.” The new terminal in Tornio is scheduled to be fully functional in the summer of 2018.

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