Cornelia Glaschick enjoys working with environmental-friendly solutions

Eager to learn

Cornelia Glaschick works as Design Engineer in Germany.

Tell us a bit about your background!

I studied mechanical engineering at Paderborn University and graduated with German Diploma, which is very close to an international Master’s degree in engineering. I learned how to design with alloy or stainless steel, what management aspects and standards have to be considered and what environmental requirements need to be followed at a factory. I also took my time to improve my language skills in English at Edinburgh University, Scotland. I really enjoy learning new languages and have also given Spanish, French and Chinese a go.

When did you join Citec?

I joined Citec as a design engineer for interior fitting of railway cars five years ago. When I began working with power plant projects in 2015, I chose to work as layout designer as I wanted to try something new – and it turned
out to be a very efficient way to learn power plant technology. I felt very warmly welcomed at Citec Finland, when I stayed in Vaasa for three weeks last summer.

What do you currently do at Citec?

I am assisting Wärtsilä Energy Solutions’ German sales team in Hamburg. I am responsible for making sure that
the layouts meet the customer requirements and that all documentation is available in German at the right time. It is a very varied job that includes juggling lots of tasks at the same time.

You seem to enjoy your job, what part do you like the most?

I feel that my job really makes a difference – by promoting flexible Wärtsilä combined heat and power plants, I can contribute to further environmental progress. Germany is a forerunner in renewable energies, but the progress is slowed down by inflexible coal-fired power plants with high emissions.

And when you are not working, what do you do?

I like reading novels and watching films, preferably in the original language. Already at school I did a lot of dancing, especially traditional German and international folk dances. Travelling with our dance group in Europe, to the USA and China was fascinating. I also visited Finland twice with my dance group.


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