NO HUMAN ERROR. “The less repetitive and time-consuming manual work we do, the higher the quality of the projects we deliver”, Jaakko Rintala says.

Digitalisation – a way of life for Citec

What does digitalisation mean for an engineering company? According to Citec’s CIO Jaakko Rintala, it means a great deal and will mean even more in the future. It’s about helping customers to succeed by providing optimised solutions with the most efficient engineering. The trend is actually ancient but developing rapidly at the moment.

Hot examples of Citec’s digital solutions



CitecSearch is an easy-to-use enterprise search and document sharing solution connecting multiple data sources.



CitecDot is a comprehensive project lifecycle management solution that takes care of all your document and material deliverables and the progress follow-up of the EPC(M) project.



CitecFemton is a modular product documentation service, which includes a complete web-based documentation process.



CitecPlanet combines product engineering and documentation with a fully digitalised spare part business process.

Previously, the creation of multilingual CAD drawings required several steps using various kinds of CAD software which took up quite a few valuable working hours. Instead of invoicing for the hours, Citec decided to develop its own solution for working with a single piece of CAD software which in practice simplifies the creation of multilingual
drawings. This has significantly speeded up the whole process – saving money for the client.

“As a whole, this is exactly what Citec’s expertise is all about – enhancing processes through digitalisation. This is
how the market economy works: whoever is the most efficient and adds value for customers, succeeds”, Jaakko Rintala says.

Citec lives and breathes digitalisation, because basically all the company’s activities are digital – from their own
working methods to the services they offer their clients. In Rintala’s opinion, this is why the company’s digital expertise is often a step – or two – ahead of others. “We are immersed so deeply in this field that it’s easier for us to identify the things that need developing and we also know how to grasp them and get down to business. We always strive to make smarter systems that make our own processes quicker and more intelligent. In the end, that’s what benefits our customers as well.” A particular showcase of Citec’s digital intelligence is its efficient automation. Citec is especially keen to continuously improve its own engineering services. While easier manual tasks gradually become obsolete, the remaining work requires more and more expertise. “We automate repetitive and heavy tasks so that we can focus our resources on more productive work. After all, we are first and foremost an expert organisation”, Rintala points out. In practice this means, for example, the smart usage of databases and the integration of different software. When you create a new file in a project document control system, the programme knows how to automatically populate the metadata from all the connected systems. This saves a huge amount of time and frustrating, repetitive manual work.

Advanced automation of internal processes reflects all the way to the client in the quality of the work, cost savings and accuracy.

There is not much room left for human error, and projects keep to their schedules better. “The less repetitive and timeconsuming manual work we do at Citec, the higher the quality of the projects we deliver”, Rintala explains. Also, the end client saves on costs when extensive engineering solutions are handled efficiently. Rintala points out that projects are also better controlled, due to Citec’s automated tools and software solutions. “There are always several parties to projects, and controlling and coordinating the whole so that it runs smoothly is challenging. But, with our services and solutions, our customers have a competitive advantage due to the strict control and transparency throughout the project lifecycle.

History has proven that no one can predict precisely where digitalisation will take us in the future. We can only make guesses about the direction and speed it will develop based on the past. If it keeps developing at the same breakneck  speed over the next few years, what could be over the horizon for a company like Citec? “I believe digitalised solutions are rapidly becoming a reality also on construction sites. Drawings will be delivered and utilised on site digitally and they will be based, for example, on artificial reality technology. Additionally, data analytics supports us even more strongly in providing our customers with optimised solutions that are based on our competence, as well as our huge data asset obtained from all the projects we have delivered”, Rintala explains. “Citec’s advantage is our expertise in planning optimised customer solutions and providing them through efficient engineering services. We will continue to invest in this to an increasing degree. We want to support our customers right from the start when they make their offer so that they have the most optimised solution to offer to the end customer.”

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