Nasir Mulani, Managing Director, Citec India

Digitalisation and people – the dynamic duo

Digitalisation is the buzzword of our time. It permeates every aspect of business life to such an extent that in the future, the very word will become synonymous with innovation – after all, every innovation model is today dominated by digitalisation.

Digitalisation is simply innovation dressed in digital technology. Keeping pace with the winds of change, Citec is firmly committed to developing the digitalisation process within our organisation. This should come as no surprise considering our strong roots within information management services – we have in fact already been a digital company for some time.

In this issue we will present how digitalisation is being put into practice at Citec. A lot of effort is being placed on rejuvenating our processes and tools, because we believe that building an effective service portfolio is more important than merely delivering services. Through our global digitalisation campaign – led by our CEO Martin Strand – our constant effort is to think beyond short-term constraints in order to digitalise every possible process.

From standard designs to component libraries, from checklists to feedback systems – we are working in every possible area to optimise things in a way that will benefit our customers.

And the best way to do this is to provide everyone with the opportunity to bring their good ideas to life. As our people are the key drivers of this initiative, we need their skills as much as we need advanced processes.

Being a service industry, our employees will always be our key assets. By going digital, we believe we can create better career opportunities for our employees. Having grown from a small company and diversifying into new areas throughout our journey, we have succeeded to develop a positive culture of learning and adaptability, making us more than ready to face the digitalisation process.


Managing Director, Citec India

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