Juggling 50 tasks at the same time

Project Manager Kristoffer Lindroos is employed by Citec, but works at Kalmar’s office in Lidhult, Sweden. His responsibility is to ensure that the cooperation between Citec’s unit in India and Kalmar’s unit in Sweden works as effortlessly as possible.

“I receive the assignment description, collect all the information required, and submit the order to India. A great part of the work entails staying in touch with all the parties involved and finding the answers to their questions. I am, in short, Citec’s extended arm at the client location.”

Project Manager Kristoffer Lindroos.
Project Manager Kristoffer Lindroos.

Lindroos states that there are obvious advantages to be had by sitting onsite at Kalmar. Being able to meet people face-to-face, quickly respond to their enquiries and look at drawings together bring a great deal of added value.

“Another significant advantage is that it’s close to the production site, since Kalmar makes the forklifts here in Lidhult. I can take pictures, make measurements and talk to the production staff when necessary.”

Some of the Swedish engineers already have a long experience of cooperation with India and can thus handle the greatest part of the contacts themselves; nevertheless, most of them want to get help from Lindroos.

The biggest challenge in this job is the large number of tasks that need to be worked on all at once.

“Currently I’m juggling 50 different tasks at the same time; it can be everything from the production of a new machine to replacing a part in another machine. I must be very organised in order to keep track of all the details. I continuously have to set priorities and figure out what the different engineers expect.”

Lindroos has only been in his current position for a few months and the job description is still taking form. In the long term he believes he will be able to offer Kalmar an increasingly broader range of Citec services, and perhaps even serve other units at Kalmar.

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