All in for competence and agility

Strong customer focus, competence and agility were cornerstones when Citec renewed the Finnish operations.

Project delivery organisation

Director: Mikko Juopperi

Seven disciplines and their Discipline Heads:

Product Engineering – Arto Rajanen
Electrical and Automation Engineering – Timo Wolff
Process Engineering – Tom Thorn
Information Services – Sonja Ahonen
Plant Engineering – Jari Hänninen
Civil Engineering – Nicklas Holmqvist
Project Management – Antti Hahtala

Citec Finland now serves its industrial customers through a consolidated, much stronger organisation than ever before. This organisation is called Project Delivery and is formed from three previously separate units that have now merged under one roof, like in other Citec countries. The main target for the change is to clarify and strengthen disciplines, business responsibility and development.

Project Delivery has seven different disciplines, which, led by Discipline Heads, take their projects from the sale and tender stage all the way to completion.

“This allows us to offer our customers a one-stop package. But it’s no letterbox; the interaction is mutual, close and active”, says Arto Rajanen, Head of the Product Engineering unit.

The organisational change means that Citec can provide every project with exactly the right expertise needed and ensure that customers receive the best added value possible. From now on, the same Citec experts will work very closely with a project from start to finish, making sure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan.

“Additionally this organisational change allowed our experienced employees to shift to new roles and opportunities. This was a welcomed change and significantly improves our services to all customers”, Rajanen says.

Key benefits

  • Working close to customers and maximise direct project work – overlapping roles eliminated
  • Customers receive faster and straightforward service – internal communication chain is shorter
  • Sales personnel become a part of the project organisation – responsibility for the project and customer satisfaction is clearer
  • Development responsibilities are clarified – the personnel’s competence and experience are utilised in the projects in the most effective way

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