Citec built a tailor-made search engine with Wärtsilä

Yoogle is living proof of how helping a client can end up in a new innovation.

A few years ago, the marketing department at Wärtsilä Energy Solutions asked Citec to help them organise their marketing material. Over time, the material had been spread out in different shared drives and various places in their document management system (DMS). This made it almost impossible to find the needed files.

“Instead of reorganising the files, Citec’s suggestion was to make a completely new easy-to-use tool to make people share their files instead of leaving them on their hard drives”, says Project Leader Miia Viitamäki.

The customer said yes, please, and Yoogle was born.

A traditional DMS only works as far as the users upload, categorize and fill in the metadata. Yoogle is the opposite, it is a place where you drop your files with a minimum amount of input. The server then processes the rest in the background by reading the files and adding relevant tags. It also scans selected customer DMS structures and automatically imports new material from these periodically.

“Just like regular search engines, Yoogle has smart searches built in with parameters that have different weight of importance”, explains Viitamäki.

Some of these parameters are connected to the site usage, due to which they get their rankings. Yoogle also presents the results in a way that uses visual information to show which document could be suitable for the user’s needs.

Yoogle has now been up and running for a year and about 8,000 files have been uploaded to the system. Presentations, videos, graphics, animations, white papers, etc. are now just a click away.

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